Harwich Chamber of Commerce launches on Zonas

Written on Aug 17, 2015

Zonas Worldwide is pleased to announce the newest addition to our Zonas Mobile Property list - The Harwich Chamber of Commerce. 

The Harwich Chamber (HCC) is a dynamic membership organization dedicated to ensuring the economic vitality of its member businesses and the Harwich community. With over 320 members, they strive to promote a supportive, innovative, and successful business environment by providing an array of networking, educational, promotional and advertising opportunities, all designed to help our members grow and succeed. The HCC provides visitor information services and referrals to more than 20,000 people annually. They also offer resources for residents, businesses and visitors from near and far, and put forward a strong voice for the Harwich business community.

The Harwich Chamber members will be listed and categorized on Zonas, making it effortless for visitors to find what they are looking for. With so many shops, restaurants and place to visit, Zonas makes it easy to navigate them all. Many of the member's events are listed and updated within our app. 

Check out what Harwich has to offer today!

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